About the Artist

A Native Alaskan born and raised in Ketchikan, Everett Athorp is a member of the Haida-Tsimshian clan. He was inspired by his grandfather, who was a self-taught artist and fisherman who was commissioned to revitalize Native art in the Ketchikan area in the ‘30s after a period during which much of the Native art was destroyed. (Many of his grandfather’s totems can still be seen in the Ketchikan area.) Everett remembers watching his grandfather draw, and trying to copy him. After a stint working and taking courses at the Totem Heritage Center, Everett began to pursue his art seriously and has been creating traditional carvings and drums for over thirty years. A 2014 Project Grant from the Rasmuson Foundation will allow Everett to continue to expand his craft. For ordering information, or to discuss custom requests, Everett can be contacted here.